Java - August 2004
A trip around the sugar mills of Java using public transport - you too can do it!!

Java - August 2006
Another trip around the island - for sun, sea and steam - by bus and train
My solo travels in search of steam were only possible thanks to previous visitors publishing information which they had
gathered during their own visits.  These came mainly from magazines such as the Continental Railway Journal and Dave
Thornhill's 'World Steam' magazine and latterly from the various internet sites.  I was also aided and abetted by personal
contact with other enthusiasts who had gone where I wished to go.  Their help and guidance was invaluable and the following
reports are those based on my own travels in search of working steam.  Several of them appeared on Rob Dickinson's
'International Working Steam' pages along with hundreds of other reports from all parts of the world.  Rob's site was
without doubt the best source of up-to-date information for anyone who was contemplating or planning an overseas trip.  
More recently Rob has stopped posting up-to-date reports on China but these can now be found on Dave Fielding's website
SY Country.    Although my reports cover many locations which no longer have steam locomotives i hope they will serve as
both an historic record of how life was and also inform and maybe inspire other solo travelers even if they are not railway
China - Christmas 2001
'Steam In Paradise' trip to Weihe, Tiefa, Chengde, Tongliao and Jingpeng

China - Easter 2002
A solo trip to Yuanbaoshan, Pingzhuang, Fuxin, Tiefa and Benxi

China - Christmas 2002
A solo trip to Pingdingshan, Handan, Tiefa, Fuxin and Beitai Steelworks

China - Christmas 2003
Another solo trip - to Dahuichang, Tangshan, Gongchangling, Fuxin, Nanpiao and Xuanhau

China - Christmas 2004
Travelling solo to Hegang, Huanan, Meihekou and Huludao

China - Christmas 2005
North and south of Beijing - Pingdingshan, Xingyang, Huludao, Jixi and Mudanjiang

China - Easter 2008
To the far north to see the last great steam show on earth - Jalainur - and industrial steam at Jixi
Zimbabwe - August 1999
Bulawao, Wankie Colliery, Victoria Falls and Livingstone Railway Museum
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