Mollibahn - Steam On The Baltic
Two more steam lines are to be found on the Baltic coast, near to the city of Rostock.   The 900mm line which runs from the town of Bad
Doberan to Kuhlungsborn is particularly interesting and unusual as the line comes right down through the middle of Bad Doberan!  Upto
sixteen trains a day navigate their way through the cars and pedestrians as they make their way to and from the main station where the
line links with the main national network.  Known as the
'Mollibahn' the line is operated by 2-8-2T locomotives and runs every day of the
year including Christmas.   Like most of the other narrow gauge lines in Germany it is no longer a part of the DB network but is owned by
a private company and the steam service is supplimented by a bus service running between trains.

Kuhlungsborn is rapidly developing as a major tourist resort with an extensive range of hotels and this is removing all traces of the old
Communist identity from the area.  However the approach into Bad Doberan takes the line down the tree lined Goethestrasse which
retains the cobbles for which East Germany was so notorious.   All locomotives face towards Bad Doberan and for car based
photographers it is possible to photograph the train on the section between Kuhlungsborn and the passing loop at Heiligendammer and
then again on the section from Heiligendammer to Bad Doberan.
The development of the Baltic
coast area in the post-Communist
days of former East Germany can
clearly be seen as 2-8-2T No.
99-2323 crosses
Alexandrinenplatz in Bad
Doberan on its way to the
terminus station.
No.99-2323 pauses briefly at
Goethestrasse station on the
outskirts of Bad Doberan.  
Although largely used by tourists
this is still very much a working
The Health and Safety Executive
would no doubt suffer from collective
apoplexy if this were England.  
However in a more enlightened
country it is the responsibility of  
early morning motorists take evasive
action as No.99-2321 comes down
Goethestrasse in Bad Doberan
Attracting barely a glance 2-8-2T
No.99-2322 negotiates the main
street of Bad Doberan on a Sunday
morning in March 2000.  The main
street is pedestrianised and early
morning guarantees that even the
pedestrians are still in bed or at
The curse of the Easter Bunny!
Headboards like these are common
over the Easter period and do little
to enhance the photographs.  A
couple of days were therefore spent
riding the line and in other
non-photographic pursuits
The passing of Communism seemed to
have done little to change the scene in
Goethestrasse by Easter 2000.  However
the increasing Westernisation of the
whole area and the impact of the recent
G8 summit is likely to bring many
sweeping changes to these scenes.
No.99-2321 passing through attractive
scenery as it heads from Kuhlungsborn to
Heiligendammen - not all of this
wonderful line is in built up areas.   
Whilst searching out this location I came
across a young lady indulging in a touch
of sunbathing 'au natural' - quite a bonus
"Perhaps when I grow up I'll
be an engine driver"
Bad Doberan 24 April 2000
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