Harz Mountain Railway
Dresden Lines
Zittau Schmalspurbahn
Baltic Coast lines
It is perhaps a matter of debate as to whether or not there is still real working steam left in Germany.   None of the lines
which appear in this section are owned by Deutsche Bahn, which is the national railway company yet all of the lines featured
on this site still operate a year-round daily steam service which does not appear to coincide or be dependant on tourists
alone.   All seem to still be used as part of the local transport system and fare structures tend to reflect this but nevertheless
none of the lines could exist solely on local custom without massive subsidies.  There are of course many other steam
operated tourist lines in Germany but these are not within the remit of this website.

These 'working' lines are concentrated in three areas of what was formerly East Germany.   In the Harz Mountains region
there are three interconnected  lines, the Harzquerbahn, the Selketalbahn and the Brockenbahn.   These metre gauge lines
(1000mm) lines are interlinked and have a total length exceeding 140 kilometres.    Two more separate lines operate on the
Baltic coast, near the city of Rostock - the Mollibahn from Bad Doberan to Kuhlungsborn and the Rasende Roland on the Isle
Of Rugen.    Much further south in Saxony are three 750mm gauge lines - all within reasonable proximity of Dresden.  These
are the lines from Frietal to Kipsdorf, Cranzahl to Oberwiesentahl and Radeburg to Radeboel.

Finally there is the line at Zittau which serves two mountain ski resorts at Oybin and Jonsdorf.

Wernigerode to Nordhausen

Zittau to Kurort Oybin/Jonsdorf

Cranzahl - Oberwiesentahl  

Frietal - Kipsdorf  

Radeburg - Radeboel

Bad Doberan (Mollibahn)

Isle Of Rugen (Rasender Roland)
Harz Mountain Railway
Dresden Lines
Zittau Schmalspurbahn
Baltic Coast lines
Unlike other working steam operations on this site, each of the railways has its own website giving up-to-date information
and operational timetables (some sites in German only):
Harz Mountain Railway
Cranzahl to Oberweisentahl
Radeburg to Radeboel
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Zittau to Kurort Oybin and Kurort Jonsdorf
Bad Doberan to Kuhlungsborn
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